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Gnosis America = American Gnostic Association
Bilingual Lectures: GNOSIS ON LINE PDF Print

NEW for Summer 2014:

Phase B - Lesson 21:
The Negative Emotions = Las Emociones Negativas


Hall of Meditation #20 -
Comprehension, Imagination, Inspiration & Intuition and the Human Problems
Sala de Meditacion #20 -
Comprensión, Imaginación, Inspiración & Intuición y los Problemas Humanos


Hall of Meditation #19 - The Yoga of the Dream
Sala de Meditacion #19 - El Yoga del Sueño


Hall of Meditation #18 - Esoteric Discipline of the Mind
Sala de Meditacion #18 - Disciplina Esotérica de la Mente


All the "Hall of Meditation" Lectures #1-18
Todo los "Sala de Meditacion" Conferencias #1-19


Phase B - Lesson 20:
The Yoga of the Dream = La Yoga del Sueño


Phase B - Lesson 19:
The Inner Christ = El Cristo Intimo


Phase B - Lesson 18:
The Power of the Christ and the dissolution of the Ego
La Fuerza del Cristo y la disolución del Ego


The Verb of Gold #1:


Phase B - Lesson 17:
Experimental Psychology = Psicología Experimental


Phase B - Lesson 16:
The Superior Faculties of Man = Las Facultades Superiores del Hombre


Phase B - Lesson 15:


Phase B - Lesson 14:
The Ray of Creation = El Rayo de la Creación


Phase B - Lesson 13:


Phase B - Lesson 12:
Gnostic Esotericism and Pseudo Esotericism
Esoterismo Gnóstico y Pseudo Esoterismo


Hall of Meditation Complete Course
Sala de Meditacion Courso Completo


Previous Additions:

Nebraska Monastery Construction

What is Gnosis?

The Cosmic Laws = Leyes Cosmicas (Bilingual)

Charity = La Caridad

15 Things to Give Up to be Happy
15 cosas que, si renuncias a ellas, hará tu vida mucho más feliz

The Gnostic Marriage vs. The Profane Marriage

Is Self-Development Possible? (Completed)

The Hypnotic Process of the Intellectual Humanoid

Prophecies of the final cataclysm = Profecías del cataclismo final

The Four Ways and the Fourth Way

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Check out the Himno al Avatara de Acuario in MP3 Written and Performed by Efraín Villegas Quintero

New BILINGUAL Seminar: The Third State of Consciousness (Gnostic Psychology Seminar)

New BILINGUAL Lecture & Practice: The Astral World = El Mundo Astral Supplement = Suplemento

New BILINGUAL Seminar: Yoga of the Dream State = La Yoga del Sueño

* BILINGUAL Lecture: Gnostic Meditation Theory

* Spotlight - Gnostic Book in English: "The Book of the Virgin of Carmel" by Samael Aun Weor

- thanks to all those who helped make this possible!

We have BILINGUAL lectures in Spanish and English for download:
Introduccion - Introduction: 12 lectures

New Online Class: "Hall of Meditation - Sala de Meditacion" !

Phase A: 33 lectures (the complete first phase!)

CURSO ESOTÉRICO DE KÁBALA SEGUNDA EDICIÓN - Esoteric Course of Kabbalah: 22+ lectures

Phase B: 12 lectures (and more are on the way!)

Also, check out our Gnositc Articles to learn more.

New Public Lectures in Virginia PDF Print

New Cycle of Conferences!
TUESDAYS at 8:00 P.M. - Gnostic Conferences
FRIDAY 8:00 P.M. - Gnostic Meditation (Vipássana Practice)
6002-A W. Broad St. Suite 202
Call for Details: (804)282-4090
Instructor’s Cell Phone: (804)840-8703

1- Introduction (How to eliminate suffering and live happy)
2- The Need to Change our Way of Thinking
3- The Negative Emotions
4- Why do we Judge Others?
5- The Small World in which we Live.
6- The Four Ways
7- The Awakening of the Consciousness
8- The New Era of Aquarius
9- Meditation (What is it?)

Each person who completes this cycle of 9 conferences will be prepared for the next cycle of 22 subjects concerning Gnostic Revolutionary Psychology. (First degree: 12 weeks)

All Lectures will be accompanied by practices of GNOSTIC MEDITATION.

Download this course information as a PDF

New Public Lectures in Colorado PDF Print

NEW Classes!

Gnosis of Denver
(720) 515-5342
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* Introduction to the Gnostic Studies - ENGLISH
Every Thursday at 7:30pm
(this is a foundational course)

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